Business value must drive your manufacturing information technology strategy

Manufacturing information technology is not just collecting data in your plants. It’s getting value from that data.

Why does it matter? Because you are likely missing out on significant gains in efficiency, yield, quality, customer satisfaction and competitiveness.

Manufacturing information integration is the distribution of intelligence and the synchronization of activities in two spheres: inside the plant and then between corporate offices and production facilities.

Getting past the challenges to implementing MIT and MES

How do you best create value through manufacturing information integration? By focusing first on the result you want to achieve, not technology or "middleware”.

The connectivity necessary for within-plant and business-to-plant information integration has been available for two decades. It is now more feasible than ever.

Three hurdles stand in the way:

  • Knowing which problems to solve or value-driving capabilities to add—and prioritizing where to start
  • Deciding how to engineer and implement your company's manufacturing information integration solution
  • Overcoming the cultural barriers to getting it done, particularly for MES

Manufacturing information/MES services:

  • Needs analysis
  • Manufacturing information strategy
  • Business-to-plant integration/MES
  • Asset management including OEE
  • Platform, industrial network and other technology recommendations
  • Design and engineering
  • Implementation
  • Control, plant and business integration
  • Support

Layerless MES

Learn how you can gain big capabilities by leveraging your in-place systems. It's a common sense approach to business-to-plant information integration we refer to as layerless manufacturing execution systems.

Focusing on value

At RoviSys, we’ve been helping companies get value from production information for nearly two decades. Technology advances have increased what is achievable. But our approach remains to solve problems and create value.

Historians and analysis

RoviSys integrates off-the- shelf products with custom drivers and reporting tools to fill every manufacturing function you need. We work with most plant information management, historian and analysis systems.

Electronic batch reporting

Properly implemented, electronic batch records eliminate paperwork, speed up information distribution, and provide useful tools for improving quality and efficiency. Our EBR solutions.

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